House Concert

House Concert? What the heck is a House Concert?

I’m glad you asked! A House Concert is when friends and family gather together in someone’s living room, den, patio or some such place and play and/or listen to music performed, usually with acoustic instruments. Come to think of it, house concerts have been going on for centuries!! I’ll bet you have been to at least one, and didn’t even realize what it was.

So why would you want to sponsor a House Concert?

For starters, have you ever attended a show at a local coffee house or pub and found that you couldn’t hear the music because other patrons were talking? Or maybe it was uncomfortable because the folks at the next table smoked? And heck, most of the people there were more interested in some lame sports event on the TV! You could stand up and yell, “HEY, I WANT TO HEAR THE MUSIC!!” Yeah, like that’s going to do any good.

A House Concert is a way to experience an artist in a way you’ve never dreamed of, in a quiet, comfortable atmosphere with friends and family, at a fraction of the cost to go to a venue full of smoke and noisy people. And you can listen to the show up close and in your face (in a good way)!

Sounds like a good idea! How do I do it?

It’s easier than you might think. The short version is that you find a location big enough to seat 25-40 people. Outdoors works, but you need to have a back-up plan in case it rains or the temperature is out of the comfortable range. Also, there are considerations such as parking space.

Then you send invitations. You’ll want to RSVP so you’ll know how many guests will attend. If you have space for 40, you don’t want 80 people to show up!! Present the show as a “sit down concert” – you want your audience to expect a musical event, not a roudy party!! There is no cover charge, but ask your potential guests to bring a $5 – $15 donation, (more if you can, less if you can’t) for the artist. We’ll talk and I’ll share more idea’s about the details.

On the evening of the show, thank your guests for coming and get ready for two sets of music, about 45 minutes each… without all the smoke and noise you get in the public venues. Now this is the way to listen to live music!!

Think you might be interested?

Shoot me an email to with any questions. I could do a solo gig, or I’m pretty sure I could get some other musicians to join me┬áto play at your place! Include your telephone number if you would like to chat about it.